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Understanding the Breakfast Industry: How to Navigate the Restaurant Landscape

Understanding the breakfast industry can be overwhelming but rewarding. Learn how to navigate the restaurant landscape and capitalize on the growing changes.

Understanding the breakfast industry can be challenging for first-time entrepreneurs and even seasoned restaurateurs. Scramblers Restaurants knows how to navigate the restaurant landscape and capitalize on the growing changes and trends in the morning daypart.

The global breakfast restaurant market is forecast to reach nearly $50 billion by 2028, up from $29.43 billion in 2020. To understand the breakfast industry, it’s important to look at the different trends and current events impacting the morning foodservice segment.


The breakfast restaurant industry is rebounding after declines faced during the pandemic due to lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. Breakfast restaurants that were previously a hotspot for morning meetings pivoted to offer off-premise sales, including delivery and curbside pickup. They simplified their menus to limit waste and reduce labor costs.

The outlook for in-person breakfast is promising. Restaurant traffic rose 4% in August, compared to the same period in 2021. As people navigate the new normal and return to dining out at various times of day, they are exploring flexible breakfast options focused on convenience and value and operators are capitalizing on strategies they implemented  through necessity at the height of the pandemic. Digital ordering platforms and multiple takeaway options are prompting a return to dining out and increased demand for all-day breakfast fare.

Scramblers locations rolled out online ordering and call-ahead seating to provide customers with options. Our “Evening at Scramblers” program allows customers to book the restaurant for a memorable occasion or work function and take advantage of a flexible dinner menu. To stay nimble, the company launched a fast-casual brand dubbed City Egg, which offers more grab-and-go menu items and takeaway service.

Healthy Choices

Health and wellness experts recommend starting the day with a balanced breakfast and Americans are taking this tip to heart. Breakfast kickstarts the metabolism and gives you the energy to achieve your daily goals. Breakfast can help limit obesity, improve bone strength, and aid digestion. According to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control, at least 84.4% of people eat breakfast every day.

“Breakfast is an important daypart for the U.S. restaurant industry, and it’s encouraging that consumers have found new reasons and ways to get breakfast away from home,” said David Portalatin, NPD food industry advisor and author of “Eating Patterns in America.”.

Scramblers helps our customers stay on a healthy track by including calorie counts on our menus and offering gluten-free options.

Customer Loyalty

Restaurants are expected to continue taking creative steps to cope with higher business costs as food prices rise and labor challenges grow. High food and operational costs are causing breakfast restaurant operators to stop offering deep discounts to drive traffic and ramp up focus on food and service quality. Some operators are boosting sales by rewarding existing customers to build repeat business by implementing loyalty programs and digital coupons.

Scramblers has a loyalty program designed to give repeat customers a firsthand look at new deals and bonus coupons. Our Marie Club also gifts a customer a free meal on their birthday. Marie Club is named after the company’s matriarch, Deby Marie Buerk. Phil Buerk and his son Shain opened their first breakfast eatery under the name Café Marie to carry on the tradition of family meals and showcase her recipes.

Food Quality

Customers continue to find a balance between foods that focus on wellness and provide comfort, according to the National Restaurant Association. Hand-held choices, value meals, and globally inspired cuisine are at the top of the menu in 2023.

We offer a seasonal menu to provide variety and take advantage of fresh flavors. Scramblers’ regular menu has a wide variety of convenient fare, including breakfast tacos and sandwiches, as well as other comfort food favorites, such as pancakes and Eggs Benedict.

Check Out What’s Hatchin’ at Scramblers

Scramblers has the experience and insights required to help savvy entrepreneurs understand and dominate the breakfast restaurant industry. Our chefs are scrambling eggs and flipping pancakes for customers in at least 25 restaurants throughout the Midwest, and we are searching for partners to help us explore new territories. Scramblers plans to add five locations in Florida over the next few years.

To learn more about an egg-cellent opportunity in the breakfast industry, get started by filling out this online form today.

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