The Benefits of Owning a Breakfast Franchise

What are the benefits of owning a breakfast franchise? What are the disadvantages of owning a breakfast franchise? Is owning a franchise restaurant worth it?

Benefits of Franchise Ownership for Breakfast Restaurants

Time and time again, we’ve seen our favorite TV shows feature a “spot.” Whether it be a café or restaurant, it usually serves a nice hot cup of coffee with plenty of space for characters to air out plot twists or host emotional reunions or breakups. While not nearly as dramatic, “breakfast places” have become “spots” for today’s society.

Many people turn into regulars at their favorite restaurants. Many of the best breakfast restaurants are franchises. Breakfast franchises are one of the simpler franchises to operate. With shifted operating hours, many breakfast restaurants close in the afternoon, so employees are able to make it home for dinner. This gives franchisees a coveted work-life balance that many restaurant owners don’t typically see.

The Benefits of Owning a Breakfast Franchise

Often referred to as the most important meal of the day, breakfast plays a part in your health from a day-to-day standpoint, as well as long-term health implications. There are definite advantages to kickstarting your day with a balanced breakfast.

With a detailed menu like Scramblers, there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy a hearty meal. A balanced breakfast provides fuel for the day. It jumpstarts the metabolism, which, in turn, helps burn more daily calories. Eating breakfast decreases appetite, hunger, and cravings throughout the day. Foods with lots of protein, like eggs, yogurt, and oatmeal, which are abundant on the Scramblers menu, are great foods to break the overnight fast. They offer fullness and contain beneficial vitamins to boost your energy and create a better mental performance. Plus, starting your day with a delicious meal can never hurt!

In addition to physical health, breakfast franchises are known to attract regulars more easily than daytime or dinner-exclusive restaurants. Research shows once a person finds a breakfast restaurant that’s open early that they consider reliable, patrons will consistently frequent the restaurant, even on weekends.

It’s also lucrative to own a breakfast restaurant for the benefit it offers to the average family home. Given that most American families have a working mother and father, a franchisee can expect high traffic throughout the year.

The Disadvantages of Owning a Franchise that Specializes in Breakfast

Something to be mindful of before diving into a commitment with a brunch or breakfast franchise is high employee turnover. As with most foodservice businesses, employees are not always there to stay. For many people, the restaurant business is merely a stepping stone. On the flip side, despite the high turnover, there is an abundance of people willing to put in the work.

It’s prudent to be mindful of extra costs specific to owning a restaurant franchise. Things to consider are the cost of food spoilage or unforeseen issues such as theft. A good practice is to speak to other franchisees established in the business. Royalties, advertising fund fees, and premiums for proprietary products impact the profitability of the franchise.

When buying into a franchise, you’re purchasing their brand, which means you need to do things a certain way. This can be limiting to some people who prefer independence. On top of that, as a franchisee, you become dependent on the chain’s reputation. If other franchises are performing poorly, there’s a chance it could influence the patrons around your franchise.

Is Franchising Worth It?

Ultimately, the odds are in your favor when investing in a franchise. The tools and support of an entire company at your fingertips gives you a much higher chance of your business thriving. Knowing you have other franchisees of the same system to lean on for advice, support, and to ensure you’re operating at your best, is invaluable.

This network of franchisees and their experiences can serve as a blueprint so you’re able to learn from the mistakes and successes of the company that came before you. Working with a franchise reduces the risk of failure, especially if your brand is well-established. Franchising gives you the ability to receive all the benefits of owning a business without going at it alone.

The Benefits of Franchising: Consider Scramblers as the Right Choice for You

Owning a breakfast and lunch franchise can be personally enriching, but it can also be profitable. Because breakfast restaurants typically close up shop in the afternoon, many franchisees have the evening to nurture family time and do things they enjoy. With Scramblers, we close at 3 p.m., meaning the fight to get home in time for dinner dissipates, which does wonders for a person’s mental health.

A balanced breakfast provides much-needed nutrition to a person’s diet. With Scramblers’ menu, there’s a profusion of options to fit any customer’s palate. Having such a diverse and delicious menu is a great kickstart to the day for our patrons, and offering our employees flexibility throughout their day is a huge benefit for the Scramblers family.

There are many franchises to choose from, but only one Scramblers. A veteran in the breakfast industry, we have been perfecting our menu for the past 30 years, successfully reinventing and rejuvenating our operations while maintaining our family roots.

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