Why Investing In a Franchise Restaurant Is the Right Decision

Is investing in franchises a good long-term choice for your finances? Read on to find out why investing in a franchise restaurant is the right decision.

Is investing in franchises a good long-term choice for your finances? Read on to find out why investing in a franchise restaurant is the right decision.

Benefits of Investing in a Restaurant Franchise

The restaurant industry offers an in-demand, high-reward business opportunity. U.S. restaurants added 60,000 jobs in September, up from only 27,500 in August, according to the National Restaurant Association. Although high inflation and rising food costs may prompt restaurant customers to tighten their purse strings over the next few months, dining out plays a major role in the American zeitgeist. Even when budgets are tight, history shows customers will continue enjoying dinner out with family and friends. 

Starting a restaurant from scratch is one way to pursue your passion for hospitality. But it can be difficult for an emerging brand to gain ground in the competitive restaurant industry. A restaurant franchise is a popular vehicle for savvy investors who want to diversify their portfolios or pursue a new career path in foodservice. Investing in a restaurant franchise allows entrepreneurs to take the helm of a business with brand recognition, a successful track record, and streamlined processes.

A restaurant franchise can yield healthy returns for someone with drive, ambition, and entrepreneurial spirit. Below are just a few of the advantages of owning a franchise.

  • Training. Having access to training, ongoing support, and a peer network can be attractive for people who are new to the restaurant industry. Franchisees participate in initial training to help them learn the ropes of running a restaurant. Most franchisors provide guidance on real estate, hiring, and marketing as well.
  • Menu development. Developing items for a restaurant menu is typically a matter of trial and error. It takes time to determine what items are big sellers and which ones are flops. Restaurant franchisors conduct extensive product development and testing to ensure every menu item meets expectations. Being able to serve customers consistent menu items across the system enables you to create a loyal following immediately after opening your doors.
  • Buying power. Franchise owners gain access to pre-screened suppliers and group purchasing deals to help ensure food costs are manageable and accessible.
  • Technology expertise. Navigating point-of-sale systems and back-office accounting software can be a chore. Luckily, as a franchise owner you can rely on the corporate office to make technology choices and ensure you have the latest equipment and innovations your business needs to serve customers. For example, many full-service restaurants implemented robust carryout and delivery options following the pandemic outbreak. Franchises were able to rely on advice from the parent company to help guide them as they implemented new processes.

Scramblers an Eggcellent Franchise Choice

If you have the time and capital to pursue a restaurant franchise, Scramblers is an eggcellent brand with high growth potential. Scramblers is a family-owned chain serving a wide variety of breakfast and lunch items, including bottomless pancakes, French toast, and waffles. Our menu features traditional breakfast fare, as well as seasonal favorites, including pumpkin-stuffed French toast and a Game Day Breakfast Skillet with chili.

With 25+ locations in the Midwest, we’re gearing up for expansion as we open our first locations in Florida. The restaurant franchise costs for a Scramblers location range from $450,000 to $850,000. We provide support through each step of the franchise process, including site selection and construction. Once your restaurant is open, we hold regular meetings, and a member of our team will visit your location on a regular basis.

Potential Drawbacks of Restaurant Franchises

As with any investment, there are some downsides to investing in a franchise restaurant. Opening a restaurant requires a lot of heavy lifting. And the work doesn’t end when your dining room starts serving customers. For many restaurant owners, the benefits of entrepreneurship may be minimized by the amount of time and hard work required to keep your eatery running smoothly. By focusing on the breakfast and lunch dayparts, Scramblers franchise owners have their evenings free to spend time with loved ones and recharge for the next day.

In addition to gaining access to a proven brand and a built-in customer base, restaurant franchise owners also assume most of the risks of starting a new venture. Scramblers provides marketing guidance, training, and robust support to ensure franchisees have the tools they need to succeed.

Partner with Scramblers

Scramblers is seeking partners who are interested in investing in a franchise restaurant to help grow the brand. To learn more about opening a restaurant franchise, contact Scramblers to get started pursuing your dream of owning a restaurant.

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